Fresh Thai Food
Kolmas Linja 12

We enable people to enjoy locally Thai food eco-friendly and healthy
foods that are reasonably priced and conveniently delivered.

Take Away
09 876 3279

We enable people to enjoy locally Thai Food eco-friendly and healthy
Locate in Kolmas Linja 12 , Helsinki

Why Choose Us

Authentic Thai food experience

With 14 years of experience, we have grown to be loved by people of Helsinki. Our chefs have a long experience in Thai cooking, so we can offer you meals that are authentic and will make you feel you are dining in Thailand itself!

Fresh Ingredients

We use only the freshest ingredients, purchased daily to make sure our dishes have the best possible quality. For example our pad thai sauce is made in the restaurant with freshly squeezed tamarinds, and we never use any pre-made sauces in our meals.

An easy location ( Kolmas Linja 12 )

We are located right next to the Hakaniemi metro station, making it very easy to reach us. We have a friendly and accommodating atmosphere, contributing to an overall great dining experience. You can for example invite your friends to meet at our restaurant and have a great time together.

PDF Menu download

We offer 149 different menu for customers who want to take a look menu in advance before coming to restaurant and take away orders.

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